The streets of Bali

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No wonder Bali is such a popular holiday spot—it has something for everyone. Here are some of our favorite photos, from street food to wood (and skull!) carvers, traditional dancers to young lovers, and spectacular street processions to haunting masks.

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Street food in Bali

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We were warned against eating street food in Bali, but couldn’t resist, so we tried despite concerns about getting “Bali belly.” Fortunately, we had no problems — and the food was wonderful! The warm meatball soup we got at this little green cart was particularly good.

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Tasty meals at Bedulu in Bali

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Our tiny resort in Bedulu was beautiful, and the family restaurant served us fresh, tasty meals. The care that went into preparing even a simple fruit plate was typically Balinese, and continued to delight us as we visited various parts of the island.

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The Faces of Bali

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Destination Insights photographers love the little, often-overlooked objects around town—any town or village. Wandering around Ubud we saw our first strange stone Balinese carvings (some were concrete castings). Unusual, weird, “off-color,” or just plain sexy, they first amused us at the Sayan Terrace Hotel. Soon we were finding these odd statues, most only one meter tall, […]

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Ramayana Ballet in Bali

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Spirit of Women & The Womens’ Association of North Ubud present a traditional dance called the Ramayana Ballet, telling the timeless story of Rama and Sita. It is performed at the Lotus Pond, behind the Cafe Lotus on the Ubud’s main street. The Ramayana, of course, is an ancient Indian Sanskrit epic. Consisting of 24,000 verses in seven […]

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Bali’s Monkey Forest

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The monkeys in the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal are long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicuiaris). Within long-tailed macaque societies, females are typically born into and remain with a single troop for life. In contrast, adult and sub-adult males may migrate between troops — young adult males typically leave their natal troop between the ages of 4 and 8 years. […]

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Wandering in Bali

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Spud Hilton, Travel Editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, says, “Like renting a frangipani-scented hut, kicking back and sharing the sensory wonderland that is Bali with a bunch of your fast friends — if your friends knew how to tell really good stories.”

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Bali: See Before You Go

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Enjoy Bali, with more than 300 full-color photos and the quirky story of award-winning travel writer Laurie McAndish King’s visit to an Eat, Pray, Love healer. You’ll see Balinese dancers, Komodo dragons, ancient temples, contemporary art, rice fields, Luwak coffee, traditional batik, magical double-ikat weaving, the salt-makers of Amed…

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Casa Luna, Our Favorite Place to Eat in Ubud

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Casa Luna is one of the best restaurants in Bali. Adding to the already-great ambiance, owner Janet De Neefe (who founded the Ubud International Writers Conference, recognized world-wide for the top writers it attracts) pulls in literary friends from around the world.

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