Street food in Bali

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We were warned against eating street food in Bali, but couldn’t resist, so we tried despite concerns about getting “Bali belly.” Fortunately, we had no problems — and the food was wonderful! The warm meatball soup we got at this little green cart was particularly good.

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Tasty meals at Bedulu in Bali

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Our tiny resort in Bedulu was beautiful, and the family restaurant served us fresh, tasty meals. The care that went into preparing even a simple fruit plate was typically Balinese, and continued to delight us as we visited various parts of the island.

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Semondu restaurant in Sri Lanka

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The name of the restaurant “Semondu” is derived from the word Simoundou, an ancient name for Sri Lanka given by Ptolomy, the famous Roman mathematician, astronomer, geographer, astrologer, and poet. Semondu’s interior has a modern fusion theme, in keeping with its cuisine, and incorporates “colonial charm” with modern ambiance. We loved with the glass floor, which changed colors across the spectrum.

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King Coconut in Sri Lanka

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Here, a friendly street vendor uses his machete to open a coconut, then shows us how to use a slice of the of the outside shell as a spoon to scoop out the tasty “meat” inside. Both the cool coconut water and the mild-tasting, jelly-like meat are especially refreshing.

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Egg Hopper breakfast in Sri Lanka

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By Jim Shubin. In Sri Lanka, Egg Hoppers make a quick and delicious breakfast: First warm the specially shaped bowl, then pour in just the right amount of the rice flour batter. It may take some practice to get the right amount. Swirl the batter…

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The Venice Food Market

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do, but when in Venice, do as the Venetians do: Get thee to the food market along the Grand Canal. It is full of locals and is an integral part of their life. [imagebrowser id=34]  The Mercato del Pesce—the fish market—is a fabulous place to browse for seafood, produce, […]

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Kotor Marketplace and the Feta Man

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By Jim Shubin. We embarked on a cheese quest in Kotor, a small town on the coast of Montenegro hosting a lively marketplace filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and eggs, wine and cheese. Kotor seems to be prosperous: the women are stylish, the town sports an inordinate number of shoe stores, and…

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Casa Luna, Our Favorite Place to Eat in Ubud

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Casa Luna is one of the best restaurants in Bali. Adding to the already-great ambiance, owner Janet De Neefe (who founded the Ubud International Writers Conference, recognized world-wide for the top writers it attracts) pulls in literary friends from around the world.

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Jamacian Eatery

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Jamaica has some interesting eating establishments, but none as strange, nautical, authentic — and fun — as Floyd’s Pelican Bar.

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Granada Recipe

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Granada’s oldest city walls date from Iberian times; the most recent are from the early 1300s! The city’s narrow streets reflect its history. Some are so tight that “if two donkeys meet, they cannot get through.” People started to get cars in Spain in the 50s, and many now drive small Smart Cars in order to navigate the narrow streets. There were also plenty of “streets that go nowhere.”

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