Auzzie Hazards

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Australia can be a rough country, and visitors, like residents, are expected to take responsibility for themselves. Common-sense precautions are generally all that’s required, but be aware of the following challenges: Kangaroos: In southern Victoria you might find yourself golfing with a kangaroo. Fore! While golf partners themselves don’t constitute a hazard, inattention does. Remember to […]

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Keys to the Outback

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By Laurie McAndish King. The instant we climbed out of the car, flies covered us. Making themselves at home on my bare arms, crawling up my legs, doing their best to creep into my eyes and mouth. Billions of them live there; maybe trillions. There are more than 650 separate species…

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Which Way Is North?

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By Laurie McAndish King. The Polynesians navigated by squatting low between the two hulls of their ocean-faring canoes, testicles dangling into the water. The combination of ultra-sensitive skin, keen attention to the subtleties of ocean swells, and nautical lore handed down from father to son enabled these ancient tribes to explore the uncharted waters of

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The Truth About Eco-Travel

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By Laurie McAndish King. Jim was hesitant right from the start. “Cape Tribulation? Wilderness Area? No way!” Our travel agent had provided a bright, glossy brochure of the Bunyip Lodge, and I cajoled my husband into going along to this eco-resort in northern Australia. “Eco-tourism” sounded so romantic …

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Speaking Australian: An Aussie Glossary

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By Laurie McAndish King. What’s the biggest surprise Down Under? Yes, Australians speak English, and no, you will not understand everything they say. You won’t need a translator, but you will want at least a basic understanding of Aussie terminology for you visit. Here are some “bits and pieces” about Aussie lingo you’ll want to know before you go.

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Australian Animals—Weird and Wonderful

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If you love animals and want to see some unusual ones, Australia is the place to visit. One of only 12 “megadiverse” countries that together account for 75% of the world’s total biodiversity, Australia is home to more than 1,000,000 plant and animal species, many of which are found nowhere else on earth.

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