North Africa on Le Levant

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Our trip aboard Le Levant was a triple delight: The yacht accommodates only 90 guests in 45 elegant outside staterooms, our North Africa tour included stops in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, and we were privilege to travel in the company of a paleoanthropologist and an Egyptologist whose on-board lectures were insightful and fascinating.

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Libya souks and shopping

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Tripoli, also known as “the Jewel of the Mediterranean,” is Libya’s largest city, with souks offering a wide variety of unexpected and unfamiliar goods. Visitors will enjoy spices, fabrics, jewelry, and … smoking rabbits.

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Libya before the War

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Tripoli—Libya’s capital and largest city, principal seaport, and leading commercial and manufacturing center—has been continuously inhabited since it was founded by Phoenicians in the 7th century. Now in the midst of a revolution, war, and suffering, it is full of warm, friendly people.

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