Publishing Services

For select destinations, we are available to develop marketing materials including brochures, pocket guides, press kits, websites, mobile apps, online radio podcasts, custom photojournals or travel guides, travel anthologies, social media exposure, and more.

We can help you plan the most effective approach for marketing your destination.

Travel anthologies stir travelers’ imaginations and have a long “shelf-life” because they are not easily tossed aside. We provide expert content development and/or editing, beautiful cover design and interior page design, photography, preparing print-ready files, obtaining ISBN numbers, and publishing (print and ebook formats).

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eBooks can be read on Apple iPads, Amazon Kindles, Barnes & Noble Nooks, and many other readers. They have the advantages of books (long shelf-life, good at creating and sustaining reader involvement, can include photos) without the printing and distribution costs. EBooks can also include audio and video files. The eBook category is growing exponentially.bali iPad  8

Custom travel journals showcase your destination exactly the way you want, focusing on your venue, your audience, and your recommendations for nearby attractions. They also give you more room for content than a brochure, are more likely to be retained and shared, and are better for creating and sustaining reader involvement.

These two examples feature a luxury ship (the Volga Dream) in Russia and unique accommodations (trulli vacation rentals) in Apulia, Italy.

volga dream book


Podcasts (or “Internet Radio”) can be either prerecorded or live (with call-in guests, if desired), and are easy to link to from your website. They reach the immense audience of people who download content to listen to while they commute, exercise, or walk the dog. Here are a couple of examples:

Travel to County Cork, Ireland: Promotion for travel writing classes with popular instructors Linda Watanabe McFerrin and Joanna Biggar.

Travel to Wrangle Island: Promotion for educational travel with scientists Dr. Ross MacPhee (American Museum of Natural History) and Dr. John Harte (UC Berkeley) to learn about global climate change.

Mobile apps have become a necessity as travelers are increasingly tied to the Internet. We help you with research and writing, sourcing images, publishing, developing a marketing plan, and submitting to app review sites. This app about the San Francisco waterfront earned a five-star rating in the Apple iTunes store.

app for DI

Destination brochures are a marketing basic for a good reason: They are relatively easy to produce and distribute, and are flexible enough to contain the information you need to entice travelers to visit your destination.egypt:jordan copy

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