North Africa on Le Levant

le levantOur trip aboard Le Levant was a triple delight:

  • The yacht accommodates only 90 guests in 45 elegant outside staterooms — elegant as in marble bathrooms, inlaid wood accents, and 195-square-foot cabins.
  • Our tour of North Africa included stops in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, at which we were able to view magnificent museums and archaeological sites, some of which are, unfortunately, no longer accessible.
  • And we were privileged to travel in the company of Dr. Ian Tattersall, a paleoanthropologist with the American Museum of Natural History and Dr. John Swanson, a professor of history and Egyptologist at the American University in Cairo who has lived in Egypt for more than 30 years. Their on-board lectures were insightful and fascinating.

Here are cabins:

And here’s fine dining on Le Levant:

Le Levant has since been sold, refurbished, and relaunched as Tere Moana.

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